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We are committed to finding practical and individualized solutions. Your child does not have to “fit” into a program or approach - we will create a customized program for your child and your family. Whether your child needs a single, direct service or broader, multifaceted support from The Center’s interdisciplinary team, he or she is the focal point.

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Social Cognition, Social Skills, and Speech & Language Services

Social Cognition & Skill Development

Individual or group therapy to address social skill deficits and enhance pragmatic language use. Services are provided by a licensed Social Worker or Psychologist.

Social Skills Assessments:
Formal and informal measures are used to identify social skills strengths and deficits. Social Thinking programs from Michelle Garcia Winner, Skill Streaming programs, video modeling techniques, role-playing.

Speech & Language Evaluation and Therapy

Individualized therapy delivered by a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to address deficits in language processing or articulation.


Speech & Language Assessments:
Screening and assessment measures to determine strengths and weaknesses across speech and language domains (articulation, receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic language, syntax, semantics).

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