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Diagnostic Evaluations

and Assessments

Neuropsych Evaluations

Here at GEG Learning & Development Center comprehensive evaluations include cognitive (IQ assessments, memory, auditory & visual processing), executive functions, academic, social/emotional/behavioral assessments, and speech and language). Neuropsychological Evaluation,
Psycho-education Evaluations. 

Educational Evaluations

Reading, Math, Writing assessments (formal - e.g. WIAT III, KeyMath3, TOWL-4)
Curriculum-based assessments

Speech and Language Evaluations

CELF-5 Screening test, Children’s Communication Checklist, Clinical
Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, TOWLD, CTOPP

IEP & 504 Plan Consultation

Consultation regarding students’ special needs and the appropriate, comprehensive interventions to address those needs; IEP (Individual Education Plan) review and 504 Accommodation Plan review. Review of evaluations provided by school districts and private evaluators. Independent observations of students
conducted at their home school environment.

NOTE: Although we will attend PPT meetings (CT Special Education) or CSE meetings (NY Special Education) with parents to present the results of our evaluations, we do not provide special education advocacy services. If asked, we are pleased to provide referrals to practitioners and experts in Educational Advocacy and Educational Law.

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