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We are committed to finding practical and individualized solutions. Your child does not have to “fit” into a program or approach - we will create a customized program for your child and your family. Whether your child needs a single, direct service or broader, multifaceted support from The Center’s interdisciplinary team, he or she is the focal point.

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Academic Tutoring and Specialized Test Prep

Reading, Writing & Essay Writing; Math,

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Exceptional tutoring provided by well-trained, experienced teachers (e.g. learning specialists, reading specialists, math specialists). Typically at the elementary levels, the intervention is for reading, math or writing skills, including keyboarding. At the
secondary levels, we provide specialized intervention for subject/content area needs (Math, Science, Writing, History & World Languages) as well as reading comprehension and writing enhancement. Intervention is both for academic enhancement and remediation.

Specialized Test Prep

Expert tutoring and intervention geared toward familiarizing the student with the standardized test protocol and test-taking strategies. Services are implemented to address the (SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE) and additional admission criterion evaluations. Strengthen content areas, identify and close gaps. Determine which test will best showcase a student’s abilities. Coach each student on how best to use extended time accommodations based upon their individual learning profile.

- Enhance vocabulary
- Improve concentration and comprehension
- Scientifically proven test-taking strategies for time management reading questions,      analyzing data and essay formulation.

Orton-Gillingham Program

A specialized multi-sensory reading intervention designed to address reading challenges and deficits - decoding, fluency and/or reading comprehension. OG is a particularly effective strategy for the remediation of Dyslexia and Dysfluency. Additional Targeted Reading Programs: Wilson, PAF (Preventing Academic Failure), Slingerland, and Lindamood-Bell.

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