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Anxiety Support

School Avoidance & Refusal

Increasingly, students are besieged with stress, depression and social issues that plague them with immobilizing anxiety. The pressure to reach goals and expectations is high and often feels unattainable. Young children through teens are challenged to attend school and often refuse to leave the home and board the school bus. The debilitating cycle of school absences and accumulating work become untenable. We offer clinical treatment and collaborative interventions to remedy this challenging dynamic.

Social Anxiety

Counseling intervention using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and individualized support to overcome social inhibitions, communication challenges and increase interpersonal satisfaction.

OCD & Perfectionism

Obsessive-Compulsive rituals, thoughts, and behavior impede life activities and interfere with social-emotional functioning. Counseling provides support and allows the individual to gain mastery and control over their intrusive thoughts and restrictive behaviors.

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